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Mixed Media by Valerie Vibar

Valerie Vibar is someone who you can call a modern Renaissance woman as her talents spread through a multitude of disciplines. An actress, stand-up comic, classically trained pianist and singer, dancer, painter, illustrator, and writer, this woman is constantly expanding.

Valerie was born and raised in Manila, Philippines, and moved to the United States at the age of 16. Since then, she has been traveling between the two countries. She studied Art in the University of Texas, and she has also spent some time studying Media in Korea University in Seoul, Korea.

Her first venture is with art. Through her school and her family, people have shown interest in her talent at an early age that she has contributed her art to numerous UNESCO events in the Philippines regarding Philippine culture and its environment. She has exhibited in both Texas and LA, and she has had sold out exhibits in Manila.

Aside from the Fine Arts, she has shown a great talent in music. Inspired by her grandmother, she has started to learn the piano at the tender age of seven and has not stopped playing since. She’s also trained in Italian and German opera. Her favorite composer is Beethoven, and she has been teaching music - both the piano and singing - for ten years.

Valerie has also taught another discipline, and that is ballroom dancing. A trained dancer, Valerie used to perform for groups and also as a soloist both in Texas and Manila.

Valerie, however, is most known for her comedy. She’s an active stand-up comic in LA and has performed all over the state, often gracing the stages of comedy clubs and festivals. She’s also an actress wherein she has performed for TV, film, and theater (musicals included). For theater, she has done projects with the Berubian Theater Company (LA), North Lake Theater (TX), Gantimpala Theater (Philippines), the Fringe Theater (Philippines), and more. For TV, she has appeared in “Beautiful Stranger,” (GMA - Philippines), episodes of “Karelasyon” (GMA - Philippines), “Imbestigador” (GMA - Philippines), and “The Artists’ Process” (ROKU TV - USA). She has also done numerous films that have been entered into film festivals in the Philippines and the US.

Valerie’s main goal in everything is to inspire a positive change amongst the people. She wants to empower everyone to be the best version of themselves. Change is possible, and we can overcome trauma and heal from the past. The future is bright.

Comedy/Main IG: @valerie.vibar

Art IG: @valeriesdoodles

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