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Mixed Media by Johnny Willems 

The photo is divided into two. On the left side, the text reads 'know thyself to know others...' with a person looking out towards a waterfall. To the right, two folks look out onto the water. The text reads 'for heart beats like heart.' The picture is in sepia tone.
There is No Boundary Between You and I

A note from Willems: Here is my regular contribution collage for the kindness and what it means to you theme. For me the basis of kindness is understanding. When you look into yourself and find that there is no boundary between the self and the other, compassionate loving-kindness naturally flows outward. 

Johnny Willems (he/him) is an eighteen year old collage and zine maker from Northwest Indiana. He is a resident writer for The Star Collective Zine and has been featured by the Mezzazine, Humankind Zine, and Field Notes. Johnny's work is informed by his religion, childhood, and love of the color green. He can be found on Instagram at clear.truth.

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