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What is 'The Sunshine Seat'?

The Sunshine Seat is a column that aims to spread positivity and love to people in the writing community.

Venus Davis will respond to emails publicly with a letter of advice or some variation of writing that may help the sender. The idea here is not for Venus to act as some unqualified therapist, but for people to receive anonymous support in the writing community and for others to gain insight and to promote emotional growth.

To widen that concept, the person writing to Venus will be sitting in The Sunshine Seat where they may vent about anything and Venus will shower them with sunshine in the form of a letter or an article as it pertains to each situation.

Sunflowers seeking sunshine may submit a letter to describing what they are looking for in terms of advice.

Address Venus directly in the email and make sure to include an alias for yourself so that you can remain anonymous in the publicized version of Venus’s response to you.

Even though Venus is opening herself up to writers and offering support, if you are in an immediately dangerous situation, please seek the help of your support system. There is only so much she can do over the internet. Please do be mindful of the things you’re sending Venus as this is a rather lighthearted endeavor.

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