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With love to Larry and Natalie.

Magazine Issue #1

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief:
Marias at Sampaguitas in an online literary magazine that aims to elevate and highlight the creative voices of marginalized individuals, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, non-binary identifying folx, and everyone in between. It was created with the intent to be a safe space.


I was inspired by the emergence of other online lit mags, such as Royal Rose Magazine

and Nightingale & Sparrow. I wanted to house the work of those who would otherwise not know where their work would be accepted. 


With this project, I've learned representation is power. That realization brought to light the importance of showcasing the power in these writers’ voices.


Even though the magazine’s title and slogan are in Tagalog, we also wanted to make it clear that we accept submissions from everyone from all backgrounds. We hope to continuously aim to be a feminist, inclusive publication.


Even after the receipt of all our submissions, I’m still astounded at the traction we received in such a short amount of time. 


I hope this inaugural issue is a reflection of our mission statement and inspires you to create not only for your community, but for yourself.


I want to continue to read work from writers who never submitted before and from those who are familiar with the adrenaline of acceptance and the bittersweet taste of rejection. I want to hear from you!


This issue could not have been done alone, so I want to give thanks to the following: Nashira, Anushka Bidani, Imani Campbell, Ada Pelonia, Dana Guerrero, Kelly Ritter, Juliette Sebock, Day Sibley, Morgan Russell, Kathy Mak, Hailey Saga, Nazlı Karabıyıkoğlu, Christine Fojas, Elfy Arrizon, Sristhi Uppal, Kailah Figueroa, Kate Hizon, and Evelyn Yeh. Each one of  you has offered me advice, consolation, kindness, and ultimately, your friendship, for which I’m eternally grateful. 


To those who have work in this issue, thank you for giving us a chance and thank you for allowing us the honor of giving your writing a home. 


And, thank you, Reader, for taking the time to read their honesty, bravery, and love.


Mahal na mahal kita! 



Keana Águila Labra


Special thanks: lahat ng gagawin ko ay para sa nanay at lola ko. Gihigugma ko ikaw.

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