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Currently closed

The winners of the monthly contest are paid $5 USD via Paypal or Venmo. Please reference either Twitter or Instagram to see if there is an ongoing contest for the month.

Depending on the genre, please send your work to the correct email. Please see our General Submission Guidelines page for further details.

With your submission, please include an author's bio in the body of the email. Please also include the Venmo account name or PayPal email address you would like to receive the $5 from in the body of your email. Please attach the contest submission as a Word Doc.

Please only submit original work, unpublished elsewhere. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted at this time.
Unfortunately, we are unable to pay non-winning contributors at this time.

Please label the subject line of your email: CONTEST - TYPE OF SUBMISSION - NAME 


All contest prompts will be based on an activity (e.g. driving at midnight, what one would do after a fight) coupled with a song from the pop punk band, The Story So Far. The winner of the contest will have successfully evoked the same emotion of the chosen song of the week. All submissions have the possibility of having their work published on the website.

We do not condone plagiarism. If the work is an “after” or response piece, please make it clear in the body of the email.

Readers will first review submissions. After their evaluation, it is forwarded to the respective editor, whether Poetry Editor, Creative Writing Editor, Interview Editor, then to the EIC, who delivers the final verdict.

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