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Nisarga Sinha (she/her) is a 19 years old amateur Indian poet. Her poems have appeared in Marías at Sampaguitas, Teen Belle Magazine, Headcanon Magazine, Crêpe & Penn. She's pursuing Major in English Literature. She writes because thoughts can be suffocating and little things intrigue her. When she's not writing, she's reading fanfictions or pretending to sleep when she clearly can't. You can find her on twitter and instagram as @nisarga_sinha

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Anushka Bidani (she/her) is an 18 year old poet & essayist from India. She adores the rain, blue skies, open mic events, the human anatomy, & art in all its distinct magnificent shapes. She’s the Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director at Headcanon Magazine, & serves as a general reader for Three Crows Magazine. Currently, she writes monthly articles for Teen Belle Magazine on young women’s menstrual, sexual, and reproductive health. Her work has appeared / is forthcoming in Royal Rose Magazine, Esthesia Magazine, & Nightingale & Sparrow; among others. She’s an art student at Ashoka University. She writes at You can contact her at

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Rosie Carter (she/her) is a photographer, illustrator, and writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work has previously been published in Nightingale and Sparrow, the Journal of the Core Curriculum at Boston University, and Marias at Sampaguitas. She enjoys philosophy and is avid about all things cat-related. You can find her reading and relaxing with her two cats, Butterscotch and Orzo.  

Lynne Cattafi

Lynne Cattafi (she/her) is a Poetry Reader for Marías at Sampaguitas. She teaches English at a private school in New Jersey. When she's not teaching her students to love writing poetry and reading books, she enjoys drinking coffee, buillding Lego cities from scratch with her children, walking her beagle, and reading historical fiction and mysteries. Her poetry has appeared in Elephants Never, Marías at Sampaguitas, The Wellington Street Review, and Vita Brevis. She can be found on Twitter @lynnecatt.

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Asela Lee Kemper (she/her) holds a BFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Emerging Media & Digital Arts from Southern Oregon University. She holds many positions including co-editor at Chopsticks Alley Pinoy, poetry editor at Variety Pack, and poetry reader at Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Timberline Review, and Marías at Sampaguitas. She also has published works in SOU Student Press, Flawless Mag: The Border Issue, Silk Club: QUIET, Reclamation Mag, and the anthology No Tender Fences. Asela uses her passion for creative writing to open conversations on diversity and identity in literature. As an Asian American, she uses her platform to engage and uplift underrepresented Asian American artists. She currently resides in Oregon, USA with her family. Follow Asela on Twitter at @AselaLeeK and Instagram at @thesakuraink. Facebook. 


Jacqueline Gadi Thrower (she/her) is a writer based in Southern California. She is a recent graduate from California State University, San Marcos, earning a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Writing. Her writing is often inspired by the several places she's traveled to and she's mainly fascinated by the multifaceted voices of individuals she comes across. Thrower is currently a reader for Marías at Sampaguitas and can be found on Twitter @jgthrower and Instagram @t.queline_ 


Czaerra Galicinao Ucol (she/they) is a queer Filipino American artist and educator focused on the power of cultural work as a tool for social justice. She is a recent graduate from New York University, receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Asian/Pacific/American Studies in December 2019. They the founder of Danum, a Queens-based series of poetry and spoken word writing workshops centering members of the Asian diaspora and all QTBIPOC in the New York City borough. She is a Sadie Nash 2019-2020 ELLA Fellow and the recipient of Filipino American National Historical Society - Metro New York's "Distinguished Young Professional" award. In her spare time, she loves to cook, dance at concerts, and dive headfirst into adventure.


Nishtha Tripathi (she/her) is a law student at the National Law University, Jodhpur, India. She is a voracious reader and believes that there can never be enough written and read about self-love. Her works have been published or are forthcoming in the Emerge Literary Journal, the On Loan from the Cosmos Magazine, the Beneath the Fever Magazine, the Versification Zine, the Teen Belle Magazine, the Mid-Heaven Magazine, among others. 

When not writing, she can be found dilly-dallying her way to college assignments.


Srishti Uppal (she/her) is an eighteen-year-old poet and essayist from New Delhi, India. She is Editor-in-Chief of Teen Belle Magazine, and blog correspondent for The Brown Orient Literary Journal. Her work may be found in The Mystic Blue Review and Paper Trains Literary Journal. She is a mental health advocate for Fortis Healthcare. You can read her work here

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