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Who is Marias?

The title of the magazine is in the Philippine language, Tagalog.


When translated, 'maria' refers to the christened name for a Filipina, and the ‘sampaguita’ is the national flower of the Philippines.


In English, Marias at Sampaguitas is 'girls and flowers.' However, we're accept work from all genders.


Because we're based in North America, unceded Ohlone-Tamyen land, we use the term Filipinx over Filipino.

However, the Filipino/a/x people, whether in the Philippines or among the diaspora, use many terms to refer to their identity, whether it's Filipino, Pinoy, Pinay, Pin@y, Pilipino, Pilipinx, Fil-Am, Fil-Aus, Fil-Can, Philo, Filipinx, or their own ethnolinguistic group, such as Bikolano/a/x, Ilokano/a/x, Cebuano/a/x, etc. All are valid. We only ask that we allow others to use the label that is most comfortable to them.

Even though the title and slogan are in Tagalog, we accept submissions from everyone from all backgrounds. We hope to be a feminist, inclusive publication.We also acknowledge the ethnolinguistic diversity of the Philippines. We aim to be a safe space without judgement for those who do not speak Tagalog. We welcome your Ilokano, Bikol, Pangasinense, Waray, Cebuano, etc. submissions (we please ask for an English translation to publish alongside it.)We also encourage our Filipino/a/x readers to learn more about the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, such as the Igorot, Lumad, to name a couple. We encourage you to follow accounts, such as IKAT Voices and Sabokahan.


Please visit the submissions page for further information on general and issue submissions.

The Marías publication has a monthly book club promoting books written by BIPoC authors called Basahin Mo Yan. The magazine also has an informational mini-column called Anong Sabi Mo. This includes a summarization of recent updates. 

The Marías at Sampaguitas banner and logo were designed and created by Kate Hizon, who may be reached at

The icon accompanying uploaded works was created by Aleah Dye, who may be reached on Twitter at @bearsbeetspoet.

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