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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept work that was published personally, like on a personal blog, Instagram or Twitter account? 
We DO accept work that has been published personally for general and issue submissions, such as on a blog or Instagram and Twitter account as long as the poet/author lets us know it was published there originally, so we can add a disclaimer note should we publish your piece on our website or in our issue.

Is there a limit to how long my bio should be? What should be in my bio?

Your bio can be as long or as short as you want. We have no rules on its length; HOWEVER, please include your pronouns in your bio.
For example: Kathy Mak (she/her) is the Poetry Editor for Marías at Sampaguitas.

I sent a query via email, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. How long until I hear a response? 

We are most active via email, Twitter, and Instagram. Our social media team works on an alternating month basis (e.g. they're off all of August, return Sept., then are on break in Oct.)
When it's just our Editor-in-Chief, or EIC, manning these accounts, they answer rather quickly Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are offline Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  


Who can submit?
We accept work from new poets, seasoned poets, from folks from any and all ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. 

Can I submit multiple pieces of different genres?
Yes, you can! However, please still follow submission guidelines. For example, if you're submitting to our general submissions for both poetry and flash fiction, please do not send more than 3 poems or 2 flash fiction pieces. You can submit to all genres if you like, as long as you adhere to our genre limits.

What if submissions are closed?
General submissions and issue submissions are different! Often times, one is open for submissions, while the other is closed for submissions. Please check our general submissions page and issue submissions page, as this will include up-to-date information.

What may I write about?

General submissions may be about any topic. We do have optional themes available. Please check our general submissions page regarding the optional themes.

Please include a warning if your piece is in response to a traumatic experience, so if it is published, future readers will be aware. We want to prevent harmful triggers whenever possible. 

Please do not send work with excessive violence, gore, and or r*pe. We will not accept work that is bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic, fatphobic, or racist. 


If you have any questions about our guidelines, please email Keana at

I don't think my work is a good fit for your magazine. Where else can I submit?
Another magazine in the online lit community created a directory of literary journals. Personally, we love Royal Rose Magazine, Skin Magazine, {m}aganda magazine, and many more!

What does BIPOC mean?
BIPOC is an acronym for Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

What does LGBTQQIA+ means?
LGBTQQIA+ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual. The + refers to the queer identities not mentioned in this acronym.


How often can I submit?
Please only send one packet per submission period. For example, folks can only send 3 poems at a time. If you send in a packet of 3 poems in July and you are rejected for this packet, you cannot resubmit until our next submission period. Please see our general submissions page for our submission period calendar. 

What language may I write in?
The staff primarily reads and writes in English, but we accept submissions in any language. We only ask that an English translation is provided as well, please.

What is the deadline for general submissions?

Please check our general submissions guidelines. We are open for submissions on an alternating month basis.

How can I join the team?
We are always open to applications. Please send a bio, the position you're applying for, and a reason for your application. If you are applying to be a contributor, please provide up to three writing samples.

How can I reach out to the Marias writing community? 
We have a fan-based, fan-driven Discord chat called Ang Pagsulat Sampaguitas. Anyone can join to talk about writing, workshop their pieces, and talk about anything in general. The code to enter is: language and conduct is prohibited. Users will be banned upon first offense.

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