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Mixed Media by Vrinda Sharma

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Vrinda Sharma (she/her) is presently a student and a self-taught artist. She believes in doing what makes her happy and is always open to gain more knowledge.

She loves to paint her thoughts out. Painting is something in which she finds peace, the very peace that our inner self craves for, peace that gives you a sense of self and that peace which makes your inner self smile.

Her journey with paints didn't started years ago, it was the day when she realised the calmness and satisfaction that her inner self gained. The mixing of colours, the beauty of moving the brush and making a colourless object full of colours attracted her a lot. And here, she is expressing herself to the best of her abilities and trying her best to colour her life as well as of those who are having a glimpse of it, that is you all.

All those emotions that get tangled up and don't find a way through oneself, all those emotions which sometimes tend to create chaos, with painting it feels as though all those emotions including the ones that make her happy have a found a place for themselves.

She started painting and the encouragement she got from the people around her, their loving and supportive gestures was one of the very reasons why she started Art by Vrinda. She feels so blessed for being surrounded by such a lovely environment which is full of colours and lovely people. She may be found on Instagram as @artbyvrinda_.

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