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Poetry by Tiffany Nicole Pigeé

the elder women know the banshee song

hold your head back, child

way back and open wide

breathe in real deep. and release

from the pit of your soul. and the

seat of your spirit. wail

like a banshee. announce

the coming death of what has invaded you

scream his name. full-throated

until your heart relinquishes the poisonous

seed he left behind. discarded.

purposefully abandoned

the one that seared its way

into the depths of your being

deep down. to your cursed ground.

where prayers go unanswered

and hurt and pain are watered by tears of sorrow

fertilized by the false truth

that you are over him

you unknowingly provided the breeding ground

and it took good root

established itself and birthed a forest

this is a soul purge, child. a necessary abolition

scream his name. until you can taste

your own liberation. until you can feel

the very essence of you. again.

scream louder, child

there’s a lot of uprooting to do

Tiffany Nicole Pigeé is a Black writer, lifelong poet, and creative storyteller. Her writing focuses on the human experience, life-induced trauma, complex relationships, self-love, loss, healing, and the generational effects of racial oppression. Tiffany is the author of the forthcoming On My Best Day (2021).

social media handles:

Twitter @HiTiffanyNicole

Instagram @sincerelytiffanynicole

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