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Poetry by Christine Fojas

accrue (phrases from bullet journal)

homebody | cocoon | 2020 atrophied some of my hard won progress | change that officially by calling | 2021 the year of | visible thinking | grow a backbone, thicker

face, roots in new earth, a stronger voice, wings | make it real | this journal as a secret

garden | sacred space | grow towards a little complexity

afternoon was leaning on the shoulders of evening (1) | interrupted sleep | murder dreams | yielded by visit to Tumblr | little bit of elliptical | the idea of wifi use of data as finite resource hasn’t really occurred to me | started a pouch of scrap cloth like a proper war-time lady | compiling tools for apprehending the world | lonely | love letter | my days feel empty | weighed down with sand | what to document | sleep routine | activity name & duration | intentionality | long enough to make a tangible difference | you can start by figuring out how to be useful to yourself (2)

curled up in bed reading covid news | numbers remain high | follow-up | not here to weigh the value of my writing and give it a number | next time don’t try to cook 2 dishes at once | for the aesthetic | personal universe | darning mushroom, yarn, bent-tip needle | patchwork scraps and random stitches | comfortable against skin | oversensitive from overbrushing | won’t say no | will process it | wind loud & constant as a river | to get bloodwork done | time waster | zoom call | if I don’t skip a day, reward | rescheduled | blanket statement | acknowledge the unknown in the space of teaching and learning (3) | ghost stories | god-construct | in paper form | give myself white space to keep notebook readable | vivid dreams | watching with half-attention | shortening distance between idea & reality | balance | stress response | toothache coming/going | stitches to frayed cuffs | absorbing negative miasma | grounded in body | happiness is still home-made (4) | health check: skin inflamed | cardio hurts | maybe add some exercise today—DID NOT

chat with Sarah about umbrellas | nostalgic | “not so nice” dance mix | feel helpless & hopeless | “liberated” it | flickers like a rustled page / with a poem on it (5) | maybe because it curled up | more straightforward | took micronap | not enough sleep! fight off sickness! | basked in sun | cloud watching | contradicting recipes | just a smidge of milk—it didn’t get that hard | find value in what you already own (6) | shared | boundaries | ‘repaired’ a strong word | as bystander | big row | black coffee | stir fry | second pair of eyes | focus on content not optics | the world looks desaturated | briefly, elliptical | what does thriving look like? | community is not a spectator sport. (7)


1. From Gwendolyn MacEwan’s Mermaids and Ikons

2. From Ryder Carroll’s The Bullet Journal Method

3. From Brent House’s paper “On Unknowing Creative Writing Pedagogy” (The CEA Forum, 2014)

4. From a framed cross-stitch in a short film “An Aesthetic Indulgence” (Larry Kurnarsky, 1985)

5. From Christopher Gilbert’s poem “Marking Time” in Turning into Dwelling

6. From David Cain’s blog post “Go Deeper, Not Wider” (

Christine Fojas (she/her) is a Filipino-Canadian hailing from Las Piñas City and currently living in Metro Vancouver. She has a BA in Comparative Literature from University of the Philippines and works as a library technician at Douglas College. She is on Twitter and Instagram as @chrisfojas.

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