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Poetry by Shreyaa Tandel

Glass slipper

when the sun goes down we step Together in glass slippers Far afar by miles, near with fright Of being predated, chased, killed And we can't run cause we will bleed We can't run because they know we will have to bleed Our mothers know, theirs too do And they'll tell us to walk carefully, Because we're all ears and execution.

Our chests will bounce if we run, our hearts will be bereft it self...

Our feet will be in the shackles of the fragility we wear

We wear being prodded into wearing it.

And we bleed

Before it clocks twelve

And after it does.

-(bgg) naayaab

Shreyaa Tandel (she/her) is a self-established poet, or you can say amateur poet, from India. Her poems "Inadvertently Alive", "Virgin" and "Blackhole" have been published in the blue pages lit, and vamp cat magazine respectively. When she isn't writing or is glued in front of a computer/cell phone screen, she spends time singing north Indian classical music and reading the Bhagwad Gita and pretending very hard to be happy, even though she isn't. You can reach her at

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