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Poetry by Shreyaa Tandel

Pre silhouette

The little creeks And greater rocks Make a slower way for  A light stream  Textured over the pebbles.  Then she turns younger Louder  With all kinds of rocks her way For which she, remained unprepared  Yet, unstoppable  Most certainly  As she bowed herself to the sun  Losing a part of her own  And further losing the entire self to be one with the sea,  Beyond the horizons  To wherever she could reach. A normal cycle perhaps  But the occurrences which  Remained the two sides of a coin Good because rare And rare because good.  She cried then, with the sun in glee Highlighting her  To a pre silhouette  -naayaab

Shreyaa Tandel is a self-established poet, or you can say amateur poet, from India. Her poems "Inadvertently Alive", "Virgin" and "Blackhole" have been published in the blue pages lit, and vamp cat magazine respectively. When she isn't writing or is glued in front of a computer/cell phone screen, she spends time singing north Indian classical music and reading the Bhagwad Gita and pretending very hard to be happy, even though she isn't. You can reach her at

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