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Poetry by Pratiksha Sharma

it's easy being me it’s actually quite easy being me,

the tree has leaves of hard work

but no struggle,

there are sleepless nights,

on breakups and exams

but on clean beds, 3-course meals

and intact roofs.

the peak of sadness is on my PMS

and packages of western countries

for dousing my boredom.

One hour of tedious class

is followed by a massage at the Golden Palms

or a mani-pedi at L’Oréal.

it’s quite easy being me,

if there’s a long queue,

all you have to do is

announce your surname

and showcase your fair legs.

Cleavage or hair flicking,

both will do.

shortage of oxygen tanks, beds,

remedesevir is the least of your worry

Then you can plan a trip at

Daddy’s yacht.

At interviews, tell them

that you’re good at face reading

or even astrology

with or without a salwar,

doesn’t matter.

the world is your ostrich,

there are memberships to

every brand,

just make sure you don’t wear things

from a local shop,

every piece must be from a different

part of the world,

don’t worry it’s not that tough.

Keep putting on selfies,

it will remind the people

that you’re from “that” category

where things are smooth,

ones bought up at the platinum


And Men, psst, are the least of your worry

they will fall on your knees

before you pull off your mask,

they can see the gold behind you

and if you’re smart,

it’s just a bonus

but loyalty might last

till the big bucks do.

it’s actually quite easy being me,

all you have to do is

take a sound sleep

and wake up the next morning.

Pratiksha Sharma (she/her) loves watching skies.

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