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Poetry by Grace Beilstein

Beats, Beat, Beat, Beat Up

music pours from the ever-shared vein

waxes and wanes

pads on shy feet.

knowing what’s

wrong in the mind, is so so desired

in the heart.

Tell me you’ll

never leave me.

Then, tell me


like you mean it.

a man’s eyes lingered on,

the way life that’s been sheathed

in decades of dust is romanticized.

There was a time

I didn’t think so much about


ss --

its discords and its melodies.

run interference in your thoughts.

nothing we write is really fiction.

Grace Beilstein (she/her) is a student at The Kinkaid School in Houston, Texas. She writes flash fiction, poetry, and prose. She is one of three main editors of her school's award-winning literary magazine "Falcon Wings."

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