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Poetry by Noreen Ocampo

you have memories from 4 years ago today

and you’re crying in them. you were always

crying back then, but you don’t remember

anymore, only the funny pictures

that came of it. you always had a misplaced

sense of humor, shakespeare quotes

turned to snapchat captions mid-cry just

because. you also don’t remember your skin

being so bumpy and upset, but

it makes sense, the crater-redness

and dark-circle despair. you accept yourself

now, finally, after an old friend promised

over facetime that everyone left

high school feeling like shit, or at least

you both did, and i think you remember

after all, why all the crying, why it was

always more than physics and heartbreak

and sitting on the crunchy paper of

the doctor’s exam table and your lying teeth.

Noreen Ocampo (she/her) is a Filipina American writer and poet based in metro-Atlanta. She studies English, film, and media at Emory University and currently writes for COUNTERCLOCK and {m}aganda magazine. She is also a regular contributor for Marías at Sampaguitas. Say hi on Twitter @maybenoreen!

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