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Poetry by Nebula


Magic happened here tonight, the fireflies were whispering, The wind was blowing breathless and every star was listening, The trees did hush their branches; the birds did hush their song, And we devoured sweet serenity for it never lasts that long. For the briefest of all heartbeats the earth became our Eden, Fairytales were certain and everything meant freedom, The darkness turned to brightness and shone with golden grace, And Heaven glowed within us as we found at last our place. Possibility soared with angels and sense defied all reason, Sunshine reigned invincible and became the endless season, Miracles were possible and peace coursed through our veins, And those who felt euphoria would never be the same. And thou the light is fading and masking what we’ve seen, Thou the silent mist is sleeping as if had never been, Time will never steal from us the secret we must keep And fear will never prize from us this strength that holds so deep, Human kind are lost sometimes, forgetting why we breathe, Beauty holds no awe for us and we have nothing to achieve, But remember, smiles will overcome and laughter’s indestructible, And love will last forever and hope is nigh untouchable. So when you’re feeling hopeless blue go dancing in the rain, Release yourself to heartache and wash away your pain, Find joy in every goodnight kiss; find faith in every dream, Find promise in despairing days and the melody in a stream.

Nebula (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based cosmic love poet, theremin player, improviser, visual artist & community organizer. Her art is dedicated to documenting the current social and spiritual revolution. She has been published by The Westchester Review, Indolent Books, Amnesty International and the Queens Museum, New York. IG: nebula_thevelvetqueen

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