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Poetry by Nebula

Requiem for the Stars

I fix my mind on the midnight stars and swoon,

For the vastness swipes the breath from me,

I see the holy land smeared ’fore my eyes,

A swell of diamonds strewn on licorice shores,

Adrift in ghostly solitude are these nomads of the night,

Isolated by the skeletal tendrils of time,

It’s enough to lay my bloodless heart to waste,

I am wretch-ed for the fate of a billion stars,

Some look for god in stone-cold churches,

But I shall be damned to find Him there!

Oh but for a pair of wings so I might ascend into the darkness,

Might exult in life! And burn the velvet sky!

To hell, to hell with these earthly shackles!

The body is naught but a jailer for my soul,

My arms outstretched, I rush to greet the Cosmos,

With a joyful leap, I soar, I soar, I soar!

Nebula (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based cosmic love poet, theremin player, improviser, visual artist & community organizer. Her art is dedicated to documenting the current social and spiritual revolution. She has been published by The Westchester Review, Indolent Books, Amnesty International and the Queens Museum, New York. IG: nebula_thevelvetqueen

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