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Poetry by Florina Rivera

Luce, Mujer

Luce, mujer.

Because I can’t see your eminence

while you're crushing and washing out your gem

in never ending rivers full of cautioning ink.

Ruby, I wouldn’t

think to hold it against you, but I do

yearn for your shine in this pasty nude

of a world that had the time

to take mine to the banks years ago.

Luce, mujer

Because I can’t see you when you’re grey

and ashen and buffered for fear that enough

earned attention might offer the means

to pulverize you.

Opal, rise, and I do too

to worship you and your guiding light.

And out of this pasty nude of a world, we will be.

Houston, Texas based writer. Born to immigrant parents from Central America. Most of Florina Rivera's writing focuses on queer and working class Latina women trying to make it day by day. Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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