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News: Anong Sabi Mo

Mabuhay! Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who stuck around and continues to support our magazine. We hope to remain more active with our updates, so we're creating a mini-column, which we are titling Anong Sabi Mo? Please refer to Google should you need a translation.

The Marías staff is looking to add voluntary readers and social media interns on a rolling basis. We are interested in speaking with folx with all levels of experience (including none), so we hope to hear from you! Social media interns and readers alike use Slack and Gmail to communicate with their corresponding editors. Please send inquiries and applications to us via email at mariasatsampaguitas@gmail.com.

We also have a book club, and our January participants joined along in reading Mia Alvar's, In the Country, which is a collection of nine stories following Filipinx protagonists from all parts of the diaspora. Our February pick is a book of Toni Morrison's selected essays, The Source of Self-Regard. We hope you decide to read along with us and tag us with your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

The submissions for our Filipinx American exclusive issue, Mahal: Who We Are, What It Cost Us, and How We Love, is open until June 1, 2020. This will be a free, digital release with a tentative publication date of Dec. 17, 2020. Please refer to our Issue Submissions page if you have questions about submitting work. It has also come to our attention that there is a bit of confusion as to where Marías is based. The purpose of the magazine, while being exclusive to all others, is to provide a safe place for Filipinx folx from the Filipinx American diaspora to come together and embrace the hyphenated, yet whole identity of being Filipinx and American. There is not one without the other for us, and this identity is reality for us. Please do not take away two parts of us by stating we are not American, and vice versa.

Thank you for hearing what we had to say in this edition of Anong Sabi Mo. We're excited for what we have for you in the near future. Ingat!


Keana Aguila Labra

[Key-On-Uh • Ah-Gi-La • Law-Bra]

Editor-in-Chief of Marías at Sampaguitas

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