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Review by Venus Davis

Book Review: Mistakes Were Made by Juliette Sebock

Mistakes Were Made is a poetry collection by Juliette Sebock and was released in 2017. This collection is a look back on trauma and broken relationships. I found this to be a particularly musical collection of poems. Some of the poems when read out loud, echoed the soundtrack to a coming of age movie or the inner thoughts of a gentle soul that has overcome so much pain. Juliette seems to have a talent for writing striking yet obscure visuals and creating just the perfect rhythm in a poem. She does just that in my personal favorite poem, Trigger:

Jello makes me cry.




They don’t ask why, but I tell them,

Desperate to say the words I can’t say.

The Jello slips down the drain and I─

I’m fading away.

It’s orange, it’s red;

It’s gone in an instant.

It stays forever in my head.

Please make sure to check out this stunning collection and support Juliette Sebock’s new collections Boleyn (Bottle Cap press) and How My Cat Saved My Life and Other Poems (Twist In Time Magazine)!

Venus Davis is a 20-year-old nonbinary writer from Cleveland, Ohio. They are currently a poetry reader for Random Sample Review. Venus is also working on writing a poetry chapbook inspired by astrology. Follow their twitter for more memes, rants, and the occasional poem: @venusbeanus.   

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