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Poetry by Tucker Lieberman

if it begins to hurt

if nothing is hurting you and you are free,

if the sun is shining

and the car was given to you

and the gasoline is grant-funded,

if the sky grays and starts to sprinkle

and you pedal a stationary bike with light resistance,

if you work all day on your feet for your wages

and dinner is scant,

if you have the flu in a blizzard

and the subway doesn’t come,

if you are abandoned by the best person at the worst moment,

if you don’t recognize yourself in a public bathroom mirror,

if you run face-first into a wall,

if you come out the other side,

if your fingers and toes are saw-toothed and electric

and you scramble and tunnel through rock

to become a subway no one ever conceived,

if you are dangerous but mostly to yourself,

if you are an elemental, a djinn, an archangel,

if you are terrible,

if your flesh melts

and your hair grays and you forget,

if you want to end

but you have to start over

Tucker Lieberman’s poetry is in Déraciné, Dream Noir, Esthetic Apostle, Neologism, Prometheus Dreaming, Rockvale Review, and the Trigger Warning anthology from The Sad Bitch Chronicles. He wanders around Bogotá, Colombia with the science fiction writer Arturo Serrano. Twitter: @tuckerlieberman

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