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Poetry by Sam Rose



sequential bulbs flashing on and off dangling

from branches electric white snow turns out

the best place to fake it is somewhere it’s all

being faked


beneath a cover of comfortable darkness

domed in the forest deserted pathways cosy

gentle hotel lights blackout curtains deep sleeps

quiet nights


outdoor pools steaming against cold air new places

to nap new food old favourites noisy days active

days good body vibes cold but not too cold golden

sprinklings of –


over the lake oohs ahhs trees so many trees overfed

squirrels chasing squirrels patrolling peacocks ducks birds

a meandering muntjac on the golf course underneath

the window


carried on the wind creating an illusion santa on the roof

the best ways to fake the best place to fake the best way to

feel the festive deal is to first fake the first flake and the rest

becomes real

Sam Rose is a writer from Northamptonshire, England and is the editor of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine. Her work has appeared in Barely South Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Rat’s Ass Review, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Haiku Journal, and others. She is a three times cancer survivor and is studying for her PhD, researching the role of poetry in psycho-oncology. Find her at her website on Twitter @writersamr.

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