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Poetry by Pratiksha Sharma

3 rules

I’m a muzz,

sometimes even a cosset,

beneath the sham of a strong woman,

but only YOU can know that,

if you ever plan on

spending lifetimes with me.

On good days,

I’ll be the shoulder you thought,

you never needed

from morning omelette to

rajwa chawal for lunch,

I’ll cook them for you.

Not the dinners, for

you’ve gotta to move

your lazy bum too.

Love conquers all and,

Khirad and Usher look

lovely on the television

but we believe in equals.

All right?

That’s rule number One,

If you ever plan on

spending lifetimes with me.

On some days, I’ll act like

my whole life is about

finding new words to

write down my muse,

spend hours on korean

or persian movies,

under the magnificent skies,

I won’t even come down the terrace

on some days, for I’ll be afraid

of missing the stars and the moon.

At nights, I won’t pause

iron and wine while they

sing “bird stealing bread”

I’ll not sleep till I find the

apt song for my gut.

I’ll be awake till dawn

if I don’t find it at all.

You’ll call me moronic

for I told you I loved my sleep

more than anyone,

but then you never asked me

about my eccentricities.

You’ll let me be,

on times like these and

not bother my trail of thoughts.

That’s rule number two,

in case you plan on

spending life times with me.

On my bad days,

you’ll be exhausted

at my finicky demeanour,

Worst, you’ll feel like

you’ve married a cat.

I’ll be sleepless at nights

when I won’t be able to

find the right word for

happy, I’ll give up on life

when my favourite pants

won’t fit me anymore,

I’ll be sad all day long if

my Sundays are without

Cholle bhature and meals

without chocolates.

Get me coffee and find me

a good tune on those days,

you’ll have my heart then.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Just don’t hurt me

when I’m down.

Don’t take away my pride.

Tell me to take one step

at a time, tell me

I’m inspirational, I’m just enough.

Scold me for being a kid,

I may shout back sometimes,

I may leave too for a while,

but I’ll be back,

for you come back,

always, to your home.

That’s the rule number three,

in case you plan

on spending lifetimes with me.

Pratiksha Sharma (she/her) absolutely loves watching skies, doesn't really appreciate anyone messing with her watch both literally and metaphorically. She fancies travelling, starting her day with Spotify and not Instagram or WhatsApp. In love with the idea of handwritten letters and the answer to the question: would you like some tea? Is coffee. She may be found on Instagram as @_amodernpoet_. 

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