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Poetry by Noreen Ocampo



In the refrigerator:

an unopened bottle of orange juice with

half the sugar already missing

because my mother remembered

my scowling face at the store.


My father has not yet tired of smiling at me

even when he has smiled

sixty years straight & the years have been

too cloudy a mirror.


Old friends fill me with laughter

strong enough to open

windows despite the mid-afternoon.


With new faces, I write fireflies into existence,

closing our miles & hours with light.


My brother

brushes his teeth & presses his bristles

into silence in the bathroom between our bedrooms

so I will not stumble on the way to sleep.

The next morning,

waking will come with reasons.

Noreen Ocampo (she/her) is a Filipina American writer double-majoring in English and Film Studies at Emory University. She is also currently a book reviewer for COUNTERCLOCK, a very amateur singer-songwriter, and an Animal Crossing enthusiast. In the future, Noreen aims to fulfill a role in the intersection between storytelling and education. She is a regular contributor for Marías at Sampaguitas.

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