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Poetry by Margaux V. Generao

Summoning of the evil spirit

I am a witness.

of the evil, shape-shifting

spirit hovering

too nearly

outside my window.

Going around in circles

close to home,



Taking in one identity, structure,

or angle today,

then another one


The 'aswang'—

shape-shifting from its original forms:




All these hovering too closely

by my window,

but can never really bring damage

to my home.

Despite the comfort

from these thick walls,

I am still a witness.

Of how the governing reckless power

summoned this evil spirit.

Of how

it wreaked havoc in the middle

of a pandemic.

Being JUST a witness,

I have the choice—

to ignore

this evil spirit and keep my


or to let the


anger, and

passion it brings me,

to not just be a witness,

but also be a FILIPINO.

... a Filipino speaking up,

passionately fighting

for change,

being a sphere of influence

in my own little ways,

and helping create the talisman

of change,

justice, and


To finally send the 'aswang' away.

Margaux V. Generao (she/her) is a Grade 11 Humanities and Social Sciences student at the School of Saint Anthony in Lagro, Quezon City, Philippines. She is also the current Editor-in-Chief in English of the School of Saint Anthony’s official publications, the Sapientia et Virtus/ Ang Paglalayag, for almost 2 years now. Being in the field of Campus Journalism since elementary, Margaux was exposed to the social, political, and economic agents that shape the realities of people at a young age, which is why as an adolescent in the journey of finding her purpose and role in society, her heart developed a soft spot for the marginalized and oppressed people⁠—of all ages, genders, and race⁠—in society. She found both a passion and a calling to give voices to these people through her writing. 

She can be contacted through her email address, her Facebook account Margaux Generao, or her Instagram account @margxau. 

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