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Poetry by Keith Daniel Espina


A hit a sip then a chug then the lights start to strobe with a flash as it blinks as the thrill of the night hits a peak makes you feel loose and free to the things you could do at the heat of the now that you can’t have done then so you know it’s the time that you won’t waste your


Feelings increasing, then rising, with cheeks blushing,

with eyes going swelling, as the moment makes you see what you

lost. Sensitivity intensifying, liquid truth revealing, memories

recalling, the wrong you’ve been doing, makes you want

to go ahead and blow your head with a


Then you breakdown.

It’s not sudden.

It slowly creeps to you.

This feeling of neglect.

Not from others,

but from yourself.

You despise yourself.

You remember your regrets.

You want to forget with

the hits you’ve been taking.

But you can’t.

These are things you’ll forever have

in your mind, like a picture you’ve just


So, you stumble to drive far away but it feels like you can’t cause the

but, it’s strange, the world feels fast,

while your mind is going slow,

signs go by, stop lights zoom,

then you feel


Your sleep

wasn’t sound.

It’s didn’t sound

like you

taking a shot.

It’s a


Then it’s all black.

You don’t see the merging colors of the stoplights you flew past.

You get the silence you want,

but not the comeback you need.

Keith Daniel Espina (he/him) is an eleventh-grade HUMSS student at the School of Saint Anthony, Lagro Quezon City. He is currently an editorial officer of the school's publication the Sapientia Et Virtus/ Ang Paglalayag. And he pursues his passion for the theatrical arts as a member of the school's performing arts guild, SSAPAG.

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