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Poetry by Emily Craig

“My Chapter”

Closing old feelings

is oh so hard,

opening up to new ones

is even scarier.

I’m taking that step –

a step towards me.

I’ve been finding myself

for months now.

But the ghosts of my past

are interfering with my progress.

They hit and poke me –

trying to make me crack again.

Not this time,

Not right now.

I’m moving forward.

In Response to the 'Healing' Theme

Emily Craig graduated from the University of North Alabama with her English, Professional Writing Degree in 2018. She is a self-published author with three poetry collections. “Will You Love Me Again?” is her forthcoming debut novel. She has poetry published on Instagram by Nightingale & Sparrow, Royal Rose, and Marias at Sampaguitas, along with poems in Marias at Sampaguitas Issue One. 

Connect with her:

Website –

Instagram - @emnicolecraig 

Twitter - @emilycraig44

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