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Poetry by Emily Craig

“Closing Our Chapter”

You shattered my heart

more than the ones before.

I thought I had felt love before

but I was wrong.

Getting lost in the moment

instead of my phone,

living in the mall lights

like little kids on a mission –

That will always be us to me.

Stealing kissing in the window,

Secretly holding hands in the car

like we are two teenagers

hiding from our parents.

I’ll always remember

that spring night

you holding me tight.

Now I say goodbye and

embrace the heartache that you left behind –

For I am better now.

Rising above all the hurt

and learning from the pain.

Emily Craig graduated from the University of North Alabama with her English, Professional Writing Degree in 2018. She is a self-published author with three poetry collections. “Will You Love Me Again?” is her forthcoming debut novel. She has poetry published on Instagram by Nightingale & Sparrow, Royal Rose, and Marias at Sampaguitas, along with poems in Marias at Sampaguitas Issue One. 

Connect with her:

Instagram - @emnicolecraig 

Twitter - @emilycraig44

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