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Poetry by Eliza Nicole Ananca

“Do not clutch on the shorter end of the Rope”


dear child,

when you walk

on earth. Beneath the

hills are the remains of

those who once lived. Roots

of trees grow with corpses beside.

All rivers have pasts where blood stains

fade with time. Careful, as you mourn over

the absence of what you desire, my good Sire.

Treasures hoarded cannot surpass heaven’s gates.

For no gold can purify a tainted soul. And no carat

can keep your feet on the grounds of earth. Feeble are

all the creations built by man’s wrinkling hands for even

planes and rockets that soar in the horizons of the high skies

are no different from the frail tower of Babel. Beloved, old man,

do not clutch on the shorter end of the rope. The chafing against your

grasp, marks the negligence of attempted resistance. From there, on the other

end, the unknown resides. Theories attempt to feed man’s doubt yet nothing sufficed.

With a flick of the finger of the Almighty, your soul won’t be spared. For not even prayers

can suppress fate, only dead spirits are welcomed to the realm of the longer end of the rope...

Eliza Nicole Ananca (she/her) is a 17 year old HUMSS student in her first year of Senior high school. 

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