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Poetry by Christine Fojas

the dark rooms of now

the pen pierces the point in the plane

of my graphing paper, at rest

before it swoops, curves, and loops,

where am I?

following the coastlines

where am I going?

of a map blooming

one day out of the year

on the page

these questions get asked again

the dragonfly lives a moment

as if the answers can change our world


where am I going?

my maps are not to scale

I don't have an answer

I learn the roads by walking

that can kindle fire and throw light

and by losing my way

in the dark rooms of now

vividly, vividly

Christine Fojas (she/her) is a Filipino-Canadian hailing from Las Piñas City and currently living in Metro Vancouver. She has a BA in Comparative Literature from University of the Philippines and works as a library technician at Douglas College. She is on Twitter and Instagram as @chrisfojas. She is a regular contributor for Marias at Sampaguitas.

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