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Poetry by Alexander P. Garza


Oh, winged instrument,

how you’ve always captured

my heart into each string.

The six strings implode

into you like a black hole,

the magnificence of

the harmonic sinew

stretching out along your

mahogany body. The wooden

strands stand as bones to

your whole and your songs,

so beat on, sing on

moons and comets and

send stars into spinning

frenzies until they collide

and spool into supernovas,

one star map to another.

Alexander P. Garza (he/him) is a Mexican-American poet from Houston, TX. His work has appeared in Toyon, Indianapolis Review, Dissections, Star*Line and others. He is a graduate student in the Program for Writers at University of Illinois - Chicago. Visit him on Instagram/Twitter, @alexanderpgarza and

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