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Poetry by Aleah Dye

Stream of Consciousness 1

There is a part of me that knows my boyfriend is human/ but part of me still thinks him angel/ sprite/ fairy/ elf/everything soft but powerful/ good but bad when necessary/ an unrelenting mischief/ and I want to attach myself to him/ tie our wings together/ perhaps we will stay grounded/ but then maybe there is that cottage in the woods just for grounded fairies where glitter still means gold/ gold like his heart and shining like his smile/ I want to kiss his lips in new ways every day/ and I hope that every day he wants to kiss mine.

Stream of Consciousness 2

I wonder if we can be innocent together/ or if we are already too far gone/ too touched/ swallowed too much trauma/ bellies full of other people’s faces and fingers/ can we be pure again/ god-touched/ toes in green grass/ or are we already melting through purgatory?

Stream of Consciousness 3

Love is tying twine around our fingers/ and posing in the sunlight/ growing your smile taller than weeds/ and I think love is good like soft bread/ and warm like stones in the summer/ and love might be sleeping with your ankles over mine/ and love might be more than all of this/ love might be just in our brains/ but I’ll take mine out every day/ and show you.

Aleah Dye (she/her) primarily writes poetry, tending towards topics of morbidity, love, social justice, and philosophy. She is dreadfully afraid of imperfection and spiders, in no particular order. She has a one-eyed cat named Ivy and a one-track-minded (food!) cat named Rosebud. Aleah hopes to make hearts grow three sizes with her words. She is a 2020 Sundress Publications Best of the Net nominee. Read her latest work via Door Is A Jar Magazine, perhappened mag, and mineral lit mag. Follow her @bearsbeetspoet on Twitter. 

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