• Marías at Sampaguitas

Poem by Megan Russo

Before Sinking

Bitterness in silence,

failure chronicled by my own hand,

nails carving into the surface,

etching my collected shortcomings,

tangled gossamer memories,

pull the thread,



what has be done cannot be forgotten,

no matter how deep you bury it,

the spiral stairs lead under,

downward into the depths,

your answer beneath the rubble.


Learn to forgive,

dress the wounds of self harm,

cast away thoughts

those that are sharp like daggers,

memories more crippling than any physical pain,

pack and then unpack,

carefully laying out the baggage you’ve drug behind you,

you’ve reached your destination.

Megan Russo is a writer and dungeon master currently living in Austin, TX. She attended the University of Cincinnati majoring in Studio Arts with a focus in Printmaking. Her work has been published by Cauldron Anthology, Palm Sized Press, Royal Rose Literary Magazine, and Wellington Street Review, among others. When she's not writing she spends most her time with her husband and 2 pugs. Check out more by Megan at meganrusso.com or on Twitter @forgewithstyle.


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