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Poem by Lannie Stabile

April 6, 2017


one syllable, one gasp can pull the lungs through an unsuspecting chest. i am a

puddle of blood, of indecision, as you say you want to return to me. there is so

much viscera in these memories. visions of a long howling maw & tender

nipping at my throat to follow. i cannot separate pterodactyls from teddy bears.

how do you bend me so easily? & there was never anything to say but hel-


Lannie Stabile, a Detroiter, likens the process of creative writing to spanking ketchup: grueling, but necessary. Works can be found, or are forthcoming, in The Hellebore, Kissing Dynamite, Cauldron Anthology, Monstering, and more. She is penning a novel and chapbook, and recently became Project Manager of Barren Magazine. Twitter handle: @LanniePenland. Writer website: https://lanniepenland.weebly.com

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