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Poem by Lannie Stabile

In This Angry Bed

Can you feel the breeze

between these stubborn backs?

Clamoring among our question

marks like a desperate needle

looking for a vein to stab

Does your slice of wall look exactly like mine?

Blank & stretching into the honking silence,

as if all the corners were ripped out

& arranged like hurdles for our tongues

I'm sorry for the shit I said

Can we just open these concrete

jaws & choke it all down?

I'll lay here until you're hungry again

Lannie Stabile, a Detroiter, likens the process of creative writing to spanking ketchup: grueling, but necessary. Works can be found, or are forthcoming, in The Hellebore, Kissing Dynamite, Cauldron Anthology, Monstering, and more. She is penning a novel and chapbook, and recently became Project Manager of Barren Magazine. Twitter handle: @LanniePenland. Writer website:

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