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Poem by Hugo Esteban Rodríguez

The hierophant

four of the cards were red and black suits

diamonds and hearts and clubs

and yes spades

I wanted to dig in this tender soil

to plant a notice of desire

it was more than four, it might have been eight

I might have capped it at eight

daydreams and nostalgia

and it's really four years and two high

cheek bones and collared evils

sorry to bother

sorry that

I didn't

grow up

until later

The Hierophant turned a blind eye

Hugo Esteban Rodríguez is a Mexican-American educator, writer and poet hailing from Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley. He is the author of "...And Other Stories" (2018, La Casita Grande Editores) as well as numerous other short stories, poems, and essays that have appeared in places like The Airgonaut, The Acentos Review, Picaroon Poetry, and the Texas Poetry Calendar. His story "The Ritual" was longlisted for Wigleaf's Top 50. He holds degrees from UTRGV and UTEP. He lives in northwest Houston with his wife and their three furchildren. He can be found on Twitter @HugoEstebanRC and on Instagram @nopalysabal.

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