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Poem by Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

How Will I Sound When My Voice Returns?

will words gush

froth over sand-dry lips

and caress the feet of strangers?


a voice arriving in waves

strong enough to break

the bones of men


seaweed words thrusting down throats,

coiling around lungs

breathe my soliloquy.


steady as pools or still water in bottles

unheard, unheard of

capped or swallowed


sterilised, filtered, contained

Lauren Elizabeth Taylor is a writer and poet from Derbyshire, England. She is the author of Will You Still Love Me if I Love Her?, her debut poetry chapbook, and has been featured in Royal Rose Magazine and Constellate Literary Journal, among other places. When she isn't writing, Elfie hoards books and attempts to play the piano. She can be found at @elfieinbloom on Twitter/Instagram and at

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