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Poem by David Morck

For Depressives, Junkies and Rabbits: Mist Drawn Raining

The drumming beat of rain through misting --

hose snakes in cyan pool awakening.

Watching the fall.

Cleansing off the smog and ichor --

cigarettes, chewing gum and liquor.

The vaulted sky and liquor.

We are so small.


trails of rust are wasting.

Wasting away.

A tear for discarding the discarded,

lighting mist from mouth downturned

in longing. Watching the prey.

Biscuit bait don’t grow around here.

Head through the snare.

Can’t resist in desperate straits – slow your gait.

Nibble with poise, don’t run from here

with eager pace for your prize.

King Lepus says my ups are down. A sense of approaching

impending dim corridors

and specters. My nose wiggles fiercely, my whiskers shiver.

Please reply,



Please find me.

David Morck is a Poet, Writer, Academic Web Developer at the Oviatt Library at CSU Northridge, Accessibility Advocate, and Open Access Apologist. His Twitter is @morckpoetry.

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