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Poem by Anthony AW

entrapment spell

Where lies love/ Dove

sta amore / Here lies

— “28” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Some feeling of stuff

May I contain you

didn’t say

much. May

I contain

you? My,(love)

May I contain you?

say this in verse:

I wish your curvature

a wish: doesn’t serve((to

contain(s) verse, this form

your lips,)) a square

(that)we shared mattress bed

(in)one night was (lov(e)ingly) clichéd.

Anthony AW (@an__o__) is an LA-based writer. Their work has been or will be published in Anti-Heroin Chic, Drunk Monkeys, FIVE:2:ONE, Kissing Dynamite, Riggwelter Press, & elsewhere. Anthony took part in "Poets at Work" with Terry Wolverton from 2017-2018. They currently host tête-à-tête, a queer reading series at Book Show in Highland Park. 

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