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2 Poems by Kiley Lee

The Next State Over

How many times have I been here - aching for the beginning of before? Hot hands submerged plucking glass pieces How can capability strangle lifting forks to centers unguarded? Soft and stabbing I should be grateful I should be grateful Walking planks tuck me into scratchy coughs and wrap me in a fire crackling Half the floor is gone The sink is chained to the only window with a view so I can see the sun dip below my composure

The Sweet Singer

O, David, give me your heart

Cut your hem of cloth

and break my leavened body

before the earth

Tempt me into transformation

Am I not the one you sing to?

I’ve heard your longing


I’ll write your verses in the night

if you come for me with your

miracles of wine and wonder

Can you see me from your window?

Do I remind you of God?

Save me from wicked hands

chained in gold and jewels

Hide me in your kingdom


Kiley Lee first encountered poetry while wading through her mother's library as a child. This experience began in her a life-long love of language that has pushed her to quietly hone her craft. She recently relocated back to Almost Heaven, West Virginia. Her cat approves this poem. You can read more from Kiley in Ghost City Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, or on Instagram: @kileylee.writing. Follow her on Twitter: @KBogart10


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