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2 Poems by Emily Nicole Craig

Battle Ground Problems

My heart can withstand a war - a war inside itself. beating its core… til the skin turns black and blue from the intense pressure - pressure beating against… my rib cage with every punch. busting every vein with extreme vengeance… killing the host - from the inside out. wrecking every living organ - to take the heart out.

My heart can withstand a war – but a war on itself… can turn deadly in seconds. an outcome unknown - to the soul that lies within.

A Gentle Reminder

Life is beautifully messy - the ins and outs all meshing together creating something amazing. In the middle of the chaos you stand by side me, holding my hand gently rubbing your thumb over mine. Reminding me… that I am still me – and everything is okay.

Emily Nicole Craig graduated from the University of North Alabama on December 15, 2018 with a BS in English, Professional Writing and a Photography Minor. A week prior to her graduation, she self-published a poetry and photography book, which one can view on her website: Her Social Media Handles are Facebook – Emily Nicole Craig, Instagram – emnicolecraig & Twitter @emilycraig44.

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